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PASHA Capital as one of the leading investment companies provides intermediary (brokerage) services to its clients and enables them to access local and international capital markets

By becoming PASHA Capital’s client you can

  • Get access to the Baku Stock Exchange and trade more than 2000 financial instruments issued by local corporations and government
  • Get access to the Russian and European stock exchanges and trade corporate and Eurobonds as well as equities of the leading companies
  • Execute your long term investing strategy by getting exposure to ETFs and structured products
  • Lend your excess liquidity and borrow the funds you need at attractive rates and minimal transaction costs through repo and reverse repo
  • Hedge foreign exchange and market risk of your portfolio exposures via forward, swap and option contracts

Our brokerage services

For a competitive service charge
Employing “best execution” principle
Are provided by professional and experienced team