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Advisory and Research Services

• Get the chance to improve your portfolio management
• Efficiency through getting timely advice and research reports
• Stay informed about the main trends in the market
• Advisory services on different financial instruments


• Hedge foreign exchange and market risk of your portfolio
• Execute your long term investing strategy
• Get access to the Russian and European stock exchanges
• Get access to the Baku Stock Exchange


• Provides best effort underwriting services
• Stocks to the general public or restricted number of investors
• Long term capital through share and bond sales
• Provides firm commitment underwriting services

Margin Trading

• FX, CFDs, futures, indices, metals and energy
• Trading platform for the desktop and mobile
• Wide variety of trading instruments
• 24/5 available support for the existing clients

Market Information

Name of the issuer Securities type State registration number Direction Quantity Price Volume Profitability
Central Bank of AR Notes 50100173S Buy 90,654.00 99.28 8,999,947.81 9.7%
State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan Corporate Bonds AZ2001019895 Buy 7.00 1,035.00 7,245.00 3.7%
"MİDA" LLC Corporate Bonds AZ2001020760 Buy 30,000.00 1,000.00 30,000,000.00 3.0%
"PASHA Investment Bank" Corporate Bonds AZ2003020172 Buy 25,000.00 1,000.00 25,000,000.00 3.0%
"BOKT Embafinans" LLC Corporate Bonds AZ2003020602 Buy 2,000.00 1,000.00 2,000,000.00 9.5%
Ministry of Finance of AR Short-term Government Securities AZ0104004749 Buy 11,432.00 92.48 1,057,194.77 8.2%

Company's News

“Bank Respublika” ASC istiqraz buraxılışı

PAŞA Kapital İnvestisiya şirkəti “Bank Respublika” ASC-nin 10 milyon manatlıq istiqraz buraxılışını həyata keçirəcək..

“Azərbaycan Supermarket” MMC

PAŞA Kapital investisiya şirkəti “Azərbaycan Supermarket” MMC-nin 10 milyon manatlıq istiqraz buraxılışını həyata keçirdi.

“Zəyəm Texnologiyalar Parkı” ASC

PAŞA Kapitalın anderrayterliyi ilə “Zəyəm Texnologiyalar Parkı” ASC-nin istiqrazlarına abunə yazılışı başlayacaq.

PAŞA Kapitalın anderrayterliyi ilə “AzerGold” QSC-nin istiqrazları Bakı Fond Birjasında listinqə daxil olmuşdur

30 noyabr tarixində “AzerGold” QSC-nin istiqrazlarının Bakı Fond Birjasında rəqabətli hərrac üsulu ilə həyata keçiriləcəkdir.