"PASHA Holding" LLC is the single shareholder of "PASHA Capital Investment Company" CJSC (hereafter Company)

The shareholder(s) has the following rights

1. Participate in the management of the Company in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation of the Company, Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other laws;

2. Get information on the Company’s performance in accordance with the legislation and review its management and financial reports at least once in a year;

3. Call the General Meeting of the Shareholders;

4. Request changes and additions to the Agenda of the General Meeting of the Shareholders;

5. Participate in the General Meeting of the Shareholders and request a copy of the minutes of the meeting;

6. Request auditing of the Company by the Controller or Auditor;

7. Receive dividends from the net profit of the Company;

8. Get the residual share of the net assets in the liquidation process after all claims of the creditors and preferred shareholders has been satisfied and all announced dividends has been paid;

9. Participate in the sale of the Company’s shares;