PASHA Capital Investment Company Contact details:
Address: 1065, Baku, Caspian Plaza, 44 Jafar Jabbarli street
Telephone: +994124933366, +994552263366, Email: [email protected]

Dividend Policy

1. Dividend is a part of the Company's net profit considered to be proportionally divided between the shareholders per the number of shares held by them.

2. The Company shall ensure the payment of dividend in the following cases:
- when the financial position of the Company is evaluated as stable and / or positive, and there is a prospect of development;
- there are no prohibitions on payment of dividend in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
- when the appropriate decision by the General Meeting of Shareholders is accepted

3. The part of the profit (upon deduction of the relevant taxes) or its certain percentage payable as dividend shall be calculated in the established manner and shall be approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders of the Company.

4. Prior to adopting a decision on the payment of the dividend by the General Meeting of Shareholders, a written consent is obtained to pay dividends by applying to the AR Financial Markets Supervision Chamber.

5. Unless otherwise specified by the General Meeting of Shareholders, payment of dividends shall be effected within the period not exceeding 10 working days upon the date of adoption of the decision.