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Application for Withdrawal of Funds

PASHA Capital


Caspian Plaza, 44 Jafar Jabbarli street, Baku AZ1065, Azerbaijan

Question and Answer

How to start trading?

After opening an account, you will be given information to authorize on the platform (via e-mail). After authorization, you can start trading.

Are my funds protected?

Customers' money is transferred to a special customer account in the company. These funds are kept separate from the company's balance sheet and cannot be used to cover its liabilities.

What do margin and free margin mean?

Margin is the amount of money in the base currency of a trading account that is important for opening or maintaining a position. Free margin - minus margin is the amount of funds on the balance sheet. It is a measure of the amount of open funds available to open new positions or to support existing ones.

What is stop-loss?

Stop-loss is the price level at which to close your deal. The deal will be closed as soon as the price reaches the appropriate level.

What is take-profit?

Take-profit is the closing of a previously opened position at a better price than the current market price at the time of the take-profit order. When the take-profit price is reached, the deal is closed.

Do you have slippages?

During volatility, there are slippages, as agreements are concluded directly on the world market.

Can I withdraw money at any time?

According to the regulations, you can withdraw money at a specified time. See this section for details. (