Precious metals

In the Forex market, valuable materials are treated as currencies and traded in pairs with other currencies within 24 hours. Their low or negative correlation with other class of assets is an effective tool for portfolio diversification and hedge risk


Gold is the basis of all currencies and it still plays a significant role in the market today. It primarily serves as a means of maintaining capital, and its value varies according to the situation on the world market, rather than the rules of supply and demand. The main factors influencing gold are financial stability, inflation and geopolitical events


Like gold, silver is a reserve currency. However, it is also a raw material required for application in technology and for various purposes. Although silver is generally traded at the same level of movement as gold, it exhibits higher volatility in response to the supply and demand of industrial markets

Platinum and Palladium

Platinum and Palladium are mainly used as catalysts in the manufacture of jewelry, computer parts, oil and chemicals. Demand for them falls more on the automotive industry, which uses a large amount of metal. Platinum and palladium are rarer metals than gold, and their global production is concentrated in South Africa and Russia. Of all the precious metals, platinum and palladium are the most volatile